Pop music with lyrics that don't suck...

Julie Elody decided to go solo a couple of years ago, and quickly started to craft one bright pop gem after another - Music Crowns

With soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics, Julie promises to use her voice to make a statement.  


While finding her sound, Julie was the featured vocalist and co-writer on several tracks, many of which gained significant traction.  Mountain Lion, for example, climbed to the number one spot in the Poland Viral 50 playlist on Spotify.  In 2017 Julie dropped her very own single, Sirens followed by a second single, The Lighthouse.  Both songs  show the nitty gritty of overcoming mental illness and her jaw-dropping music video gives insight into the dark roots.

In 2018, Julie was honored to sing the hook on a song featuring Pitbull.  Ever since then she has been a highly sought after artist for collaborations but chose to focus on her own music, releasing two catchy and noteworthy tracks, Relatable and Come Down.

Both songs made the final cut to be on her debut EP "Queen of Wands," a collection of 7 tracks that does this artist justice, spanning the entire scope of her genre and representing her versatility.  


Using her first and middle name, Julie Elody is armed with the memory of her late Grannie Elody, a wild and tenacious woman who chased adventure and brought the party wherever she went.  Julie embodies this by chasing the difficult and not-at-all-guaranteed dream of becoming a pop star with something to say.  She is a hard working, bath tub singing, gin&tonic loving and anxiety-ridden 28 year old who is always on the verge of a quarter life crisis; which history will tell makes the best songwriters.